The passion for animals and specially for dogs gives life to a progect named Invidia shampoo for pets, which in 2015 becomes reality with the creation of Invidia Italia s.r.l.


The founders of the company Alessandro Zuccotti and Paula Pirovano, find their idea can be the opportunity to create something new, something different and close to the passion they have for animals.

A specific range of shampoos for dogs, has been the begining of a complex fase of study and tests, to bring out the creation of a unique blend both quality wise and user friendly

The company’s energy in these years were concentrated mainly on the development of the product, and to the creation of an adequate commercial network which is still growing.
Also of great importance is the tecnical training for the field operators.

It is in the desire of Alessandro and Paula to build a faithful relationship with their clients, where assistence and solutions to tecnical problems are part of the “KIT” where animal welfare is the focus.