Term of sale


1.1 The contract stipulated between INVIDIA ITALIA srl and the client should be intended as concluded with even partial acceptence of the order. the order is intended as tacit.
By ordering in one of the methods envisaged, the client declares to have viwed all indications provided during the purchase procedure, and to accept entirely general conditions and of payment here under detailed

1.2 the client or consumer, once concluded with the buying procedure on line needs to print and save an electronic copy, and in any case keep the present general conditions of sales, in respect of what is demanded by articles 3 and 4 of D.lgs 185/1999 on distance sales

1.3 every right of the client to a compensation or refund, as any contractual or extra contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to persons or property caused by the failure to accept even partial of an order excludes every right of the client.


2.1 the client can only buy the products on the on line catalogue of INVIDIA ITALIA srl when proceeding to order and can view the items on www.invidiaitalia.com

2.2 the correct purchase is confirmed by invidia italia srl by an answer sent to the e-mail provided by the buyer. the message confirming the order will also have date and time of order as well as a client order number that will be needed in every single comunications to the staff of invidia italia. The message details all the infos the client listed, the client commits himself to check the accuracy of the details provided and comunicate every change of details according to the instructions in this document.

All prices listed to the final customer on www.invidiaitalia/ are intended VAT INCLUDED(22%) PRICES OF THE PRODUCTS CAN CHANGE WITH NO NOTICE




5.1 Each parcel will include a detailed transport document as required by D.P.R. 21 decembre 1996 n. 696 and by a receipt

5.2 delivery costs are charged to the client and are clearly specified while ordering. the payment method is chosen by the client, and nothing more will be charged when purchase is concluded.

5.3 INVIDIA ITALIA cannot be held responsable if the order should be delayed in delivery

5.4 On delivery, the client should check that parcel is not damaged in any way, nor wet. even in the closing tape, if any damage has occured it must be promptly communicated to the courier. once the delivery document is signed the client cannot claim. Other problems or damage to the content will need to be comunicated within 7 days. as stated in this document.

5.5 in case the parcel is not collected in 5 working days from courier , due to wrong address or delivery instructions comunicated by client, the order will be canceled


The integrated functionality of the avaiability of the items in stock is precise, however there may be small delays in communication between the actual warehouse stock and the situatuion reported on site. therefore the availibility of the item in rare cases cannot be garanteed at 100%. if one or more ordered items are not immediately available for shipment our staff will take care of the consistency of the order and the time required for the reassortment to proceed with one of the following solutions:
– immediately despatch the items available and send the missing items as soon as they are available, without further costs.
– contact the client, that will have the option of having the ggoods sent in one solution delaying the package, or to cancel the items not available with the refund of the miising items.



7.1 ACCORDING TO ART. 5dl 185/1999 if the client is a consumer( that is a phisical person , not indicating a vat num. so buying for himself) he has the right of withdrawal from the contract for any resean, without needing to specify the reason and without any penalty appart what is stated in 7.3.

7.2 to exercise this right, the customer must send a communication to this effect to INVIDIA ITALIA srl in the following 14 working days of receiving the goods the communication will have to be sent by fax to 0571/509618 moreover in these 14 days he needs to sent a written statement by registered post in the following 48 hours

7.3 the withdrawal right can only be claimed under the following conditions:
– the right is claimed on the whole order
– it is not possible to claim on only part of the order
– the good bought must be returned in integre condition and in the complete original package.
– by law the postage for return is entirely on the clients account
– the shipment until the good reaches our warehouse is under complete responsibility of the client
– in case of damage of the good during transport INVIDIA ITALIA SRL will give prompt comunication to the client of what happened (in the 5 days of receiving the good in their warehouse) so that the client can imediately report against the courier of his choice, so that the good can be refunded(if insured) in this case the good will be returned to the client for it’s return, and at the same time canceling the request of return.

INVIDIA ITALIA srl does not respond in any way for goods damaged or stolen/ lost returned with returns not insured.

7.4 without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original packaging INVIDIA ITALIA srl will provide a refund for the whole price payed (excluding postage) with a bank transfer within 14 days from return of goods . it will be the clients responsability to promptly provide bank details for the refund( name, surname ecc)

7.5 withdrawal right will fall completly, due to the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the property(package and/ or content) in case INVIDIA ITALIA srl finds:
– the lack of integral elements of the product
– the damage to the product other than transport.
in case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal INVIDIA ITALIA srl will return the good purchased and will charge him with postage costs.



The products bought on www.invidiaitalia.com are subject to what is applicable D.lgs. 2.2.2002 n. 24(G.U. N 57 8.3.2002) ON sales contracts and guarantees concerning consumer goods and, as far as it is not contemplated, to the specific provisions envisaged in the civil code.This guarantee will apply to the product which has non conformable defects of conformity at the tinme of purchse, provided the product is used correctly and with diligenceand that means, with respect of it’s destination and of what is expectedfrom the eventual tecnical documentation, with regards to the various useing instructions indicated.the guarantee will not be valid in case of negligence, carelessness in the use and in the storage, or unproper use. The garantee is personal and intended for ther buyer of the product, as it is intended for direct sales and not for the resalers.
Any anomalies in the packaging of the product will have to be reported within 14 days from receiving the goods. the written report will have to be attached by the client at the same time the client returns the goods. the product that has to be refunded, will need to be returned, complete with the original package, if not so the product cannot be refunded by INVIDIA ITALIA srl

INVIDIA ITALIA will need to verify the defect aclaimed by the buyer prior to the refund.

The claim by the client, will only be considered if in the package are included: copy of purchase invoice,or payment , num. and date of order, breif description of defect.



Personal details asked upon registration, and orders are retained and treated to satisfy the requests of the clients. these data will also be used for institutional purposes, connected or instrumental to the activity of our company, that is:
-to execute a service or for one or more operations contractually agreed
-for obligations to law requirments
-for operative or management needs
-for needs to control the progress of relations with customers
-for strategic and marketing studies
-for sending advertisement material or commercial information personal details will in no way be shared with others INVIDIA ITALIA srl garantees it’s clients the respect of the bylaws of personal details sharing governed by the privacy code D.lgs 196 of 30.06.03 holder of data processing is INVIDIA ITALIA srl – Via Dante alighieri 2 20900 Monza-

Please be advised that by placeing an order you give your consent for the personal data processing D. gls 196. of 30.06.03



All the contents of www.invidiaitalia.com including texts, documents,trademark, logos immages, grafics their disposition and their adaptations are protected by the copyright law and by the law on brand protection(law 22 april 1941 n633 and modified with D.929 of 21 april 1942) and are covered by copyright.

The web site www.invidiaitalia.com can also contain images, documents, logos and brands of third parties which gave their written consent to INVIDIA ITALIA srl

The partial or total reproduction of ant texts, logos, images, graphics, is prohibited . every abuse will be reported.



11.1 Each complaint will have to be addressed to: INVIDIA ITALIA srl – Via Dante Alighieri 2, 20900 Monza. in no case complaints are accepted by e-mail or on the contact form on the web site

11.2 for any problem or concern before starting a claim, we invite you to contact INVIDIA ITALIA srl in the specific section of the web site. In nearly the total amount of cases problems or misunderstandings are delt with and solved in a couple of hours.



INVIDIA ITALIA srl believes in the quality of it’s products and tries to offer the best quality ingredients on the market. this said we advise you to take notice on what follows: be sure not to be allergic to any ingredients of the products before applying on animal

INVIDIA ITALIA srl cannot be held responsabile for reactions to the ingredients of the sold products.
– none of our products can substituite veterinary treatments.
-the information pubblished on www.invidiaitalia.com are not intended as treatments or substitutes for dermatological problems and in no way can be considered as such.
-all the advise on www.invidiaitalia.com is provided by the customer care only as inormations and by no means they want to be a sustitute to professional veterinary advise.

By bying on www.invidiaitalia.com you accept ALL terms