The product

I prodotti per cani di Invidia Italia

The general charateristics of the products INVIDIA have as added value the total absence of particular chemical substances that harm the dog’s health and coat, that is why the development part has enclosed two professional roles.

Chemical technician for the ideal formulation of the emultions, and breeding technician for the testing on the coats of various breeds.

The optimal results obtained in this time have previwed the exclusion of the following elements from the shampoo

  • parabens
  • added silicons
  • sles/les
  • formaldehyde releases

The exclusion of these chemicals has defenitly made the formulation of an efficient product, more difficult, but more natural and less aggressive thus frequently useable.

Invidia products also include: olive oil extract, green tea, linseed oil, cocco oil, lemon extract