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INVIDIA Professional Shampoo has been realised by a cooperation among Paula – Civil Lawyer -, her husband Alessandro – Health department manager-, both in dogs since years, owner of show dogs, and Jack, industrial producer of high quality cosmetics.

Thanks to the help of famous USA and European breeders and considering their different needs, we studied a product line based on natural ingredients, such as olive oil, green tea, coconut oil, linseed oil, lemon extract, without any Silicone, Parabens, SLES/LED or Formaldehyde.
These products are mostly addressed to show dogs, taking care of their different coats, stressed by frequent baths and to the use of conditioning and styling products.
INVIDIA shampoo and conditioner, start nourishing and restoring with a simple bath, revitalizing coat ans skin.

Make Your Dog a Show Dog with INVIDIA!